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Scottish records now on Ancestry

Scottish has just added the following records to their collection, great news for those with Scottish ancestors.

1) The 1766 and 1773 Surveys of Inhabitants of Perth 
2) The Register of Deeds for Perth 1566-1811
3) Fasti Ecclesiae Scoticanae 1560 – 1866
4) The Register of the Great Seal of Scotland 1306-1651
5) The Register of the Privy Council of Scotland 1545-1632
6)1802 Militia Act Survey
7)Perthshire school registers collections.

Scotland is not my area of expertise so I can highly recommend you go to Chris Paton’s blog at


English County Maps


English County MapsOn the London Ancestors site a series of good county maps showing administrative boundaries. Genealogists can never have too many maps!!


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Royal Welsh Fusiliers Museum


Royal Welsh Fusiliers MuseumA rather good Army Museum website, the front page states…….

The museum, situated within two towers of Caernarfon Castle, tells the exciting story of over 300 years of our history using film, sound, models and exhibits.

You can learn how the Regiment won 14 Victoria Crosses and hear the words of famous writers who served with the Royal Welch during the First World War, such as Siegfried Sassoon, Robert Graves, David Jones, Frank Richards and Hedd Wyn. You will also see what life was like for ordinary soldiers and their families and discover the unique traditions of Wales’s oldest infantry Regiment. Since its formation in 1689, the Royal Welch has served  throughout the world. Its history stretches back to the campaigns of William III, and includes the eighteenth century campaigns of Marlborough, the American War of Independence, the wars with Revolutionary and Napoleonic France and the Crimean War. In more recent times, the Regiment has seen action in the Boer War, China, First and Second World Wars and numerous postwar peacekeeping missions including Bosnia 1995.

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Waterloo Soldiers Database

Battle of Waterloo Soldiers

Read an article in the August Who Do You Think You Are? magazine and it mentioned a database kept by David Milner. A Google search led me to several websites that mention David’s database, but it doesn’t look as if he has a site of his own, probably too busy recording Waterloo soldiers!

Anyway I have found that David has compiled a register of British soldiers who served at the Battles of Waterloo and Quatre Bras or were in Flanders at the time and currently has something in excess of 40,000 names in the database.

He welcomes enquires from researchers is welcome and he can be contacted at [email protected]

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Scottish Broadsheets Online


Scottish BroadsheetsGreat background material at this website for those with Scottish ancestors. The website states……..

In the centuries before there were newspapers and 24-hour news channels, the general public had to rely on street literature to find out what was going on. The most popular form of this for nearly 300 years was ‘broadsides’ – the tabloids of their day. Sometimes pinned up on walls in houses and ale-houses, these single sheets carried public notices, news, speeches and songs that could be read (or sung) aloud.

The National Library of Scotland’s online collection of nearly 1,800 broadsides lets you see for yourself what ‘the word on the street’ was in Scotland between 1650 and 1910. Crime, politics, romance, emigration, humour, tragedy, royalty and superstitions – all these and more are here.

Each broadside comes with a detailed commentary and most also have a full transcription of the text, plus a downloadable PDF facsimile. You can search by keyword, browse by title or browse by subject.

Take a look, and discover what fascinated our ancestors!