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clip_image002Madaboutgenealogy has been a bit quiet of late due to a computer malfunction. I am awaiting Mr Dell to deliver a new all singing…all dancing computer shortly and then I shall be able to start working on the backlog of websites that I have found to share with you all!!



1939 Registration Results


When I heard that Guy Etchell’s had applied for information from the 1939 National Register I decided to also apply and see if I could get information on my parents and grandparents. Today after about a 3 month wait and 6+ emails I got the results. Below is one of the entries

National Registration No: EDKL 263/1

Name: William ELLIOTT

DOB: 25/01/1863

Address: 93 Victoria Road, Farnborough

Marital Status: Married

Occupation: Retired Soldier on Pension

I had to supply name, date/place of birth and  town where they were living to get the information and as you can see I gained the full address, marital status and occupation. You might think that it isn’t worth the effort of applying, but imagine if this information was online and searchable by name as is the census and you can see the advantage of having access to this resource.

The database is held by the NHS Information Centre for health and social care to whom application should be made.

To read more about Guy’s campaign to get this information freely available read the article on the BBC website 

I am sure I’m not the only genealogist who thinks that Guy should get some award to recognise his work on getting the early release of the 1911 census and also for his work towards the release of the 1939 Register.

Guy’s website is at


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Wallingford Berkshire Ancestors.


The Wallingford Historical & Archaeological Society hold a database of 67,000+ names of residents of Wallingford. These names have been extracted from a variety of sources including borough records, title deeds, wills, private papers and parish records. David Pedgley of the Society has offered to undertake a search of the database by email. A handsome offer which I am sure those with family from this town will eagerly take up.

David Pedgley – [email protected]



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Royal Navy Submarine Museum




Great website which I am sure will tempt you to visit Gosport and this museum. Good background information and a history of submarines and submariners.