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Historic Population Information



This website doesn’t have names, but it does have a wealth of information on the population of cities, towns parishes. I put in the name Goosey which is the parish my grandmother was born in and it came up with 34 entries for this tiny parish so you can see it has plenty to interest family historians.





Portuguese Embassy Chapel Christenings 1663 – 1844




The Society of Genealogists has an increasing number of online datasets available to their members.

Portuguese Embassy chapel christenings 1663-1844

The original registers are held at the Portuguese Embassy and were transcribed by Mr L A Muriel. They consist of eight calf bound volumes, the christenings covering the years 1663-1844. The buildings in which the christenings took place are as follows:

The Queen’s Chapel, St. James Palace. Christenings recorded in volume B took place initially at the Queen’s Chapel, St. James Palace. This Chapel was designed by Inigo Jones and built between 1623 and 1627, essentially for the use of Charles I’s Catholic wife, Queen Henrietta Maria.

Somerset House Chapel. Later christenings in volume B took place at Queen Henrietta Maria’s new chapel at Somerset House. Work started in 1632 and the first mass was sung in 1636. Catherine of Braganza, King Charles II’s Portuguese wife, gained possession in 1670 and held it until her death in 1705. This Chapel was used as an extra-parochial Anglican Chapel until it was closed and demolished in 1775.

The Portuguese Chapel. The Portuguese Chapel moved to Portugal Row, Lincolns Inn Fields from 1700 to 1708. It subsequently transferred to Great Queen Street from 1721-23 and from 1724 it was at 23-24 Golden Square, the chapel fronting onto Warwick Street. In 1747 the Portuguese Chapel moved to 74 South Audley Street which then continued in Embassy usage until 1829. This Chapel was demolished in 1831. The Registers were maintained by Rev. John Jones at the Bavarian Chapel until 1849. Since that date the Embassy has held them.


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Solicitors Index online at SOG website



The Society of Genealogists has an increasing number of online datasets available to their members. Those of us with Solicitors on our family tree will find this one helpful.

Solicitors’ index


This index was originally compiled on record cards and donated to the Society by the professional genealogist Brian Brooks in 2002. It was subsequently converted into digital form by Les Muriel. The coverage is not comprehensive and so it should only be treated as a finding aid. Some counties receive fuller treatment than others and it should be noted that since Mr Brooks retained the cards for London, Middlesex, Sussex and Wales no entries exist for these places. There is relatively little data on Scotland and India. The index was compiled from numerous sources including the following:

  • Law Lists: 1780, 1790, 1793, 1800, 1802, 1805, 1808-1828, 1830-1840, 1843-1849, 1851-1855, 1861. (The 1861 edition was sometimes used to show date of admission.) The Clerks of the Counties 1360-1960 by Sir Edgar Stephens, 1961

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Whitehead Monumental Inscription Collection now online



The Society of Genealogists have an increasing number of online datasets available to their members. The Whitehead Collection mainly focuses on East Anglia, but does have entries from other counties.

Whitehead collection of monumental inscriptions

These monumental inscriptions were recorded by the professional genealogist L Haydon Whitehead and donated to the Society in 1985 after his death. They are part of a much larger collection of material compiled by Whitehead which included transcripts of wills, Hearth Tax returns, parish registers, Bishop’s Transcripts etc.

The collection focuses on East Anglia, and the greatest number of MI recordings are for Essex (31,000) and Cambridgeshire (12,000). However there are entries for many other English counties (Derbyshire, for example, has more than 6,000). Some of the stones recorded by Whitehead are no longer legible, making the collection particularly important.

At present the Members’ Area includes only an index to the Whitehead MIs, which has been subdivided by county. The full inscriptions can be consulted on cards in the Upper Library, or photocopies ordered through the Society’s Search and Copy’ Service . However the cards have recently been scanned and it is hoped to include images of them on the Members’ Area in due course.

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Genealogical Maturity Model


All genealogists regardless of years of experience should go and assess themselves on the Ancestry Insider’s Genealogical Maturity Model. He has developed a way of easily assess one’s abilities, strengths and weaknesses and of showing where we need to be heading.

Great fun and also worthwhile! In particular the chocolate cake looks rather yummy, perhaps that’s what you get if you become to be a Stellar Genealogist 🙂

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