Horse Racing, Jockeys and Owners


Horse Racing, Jockeys and Owners<p><!   adsense ad injection by Adsense Explosion failed   suspected violation of Policy Content ( 1pp it&answer=48182)   detect <horse racing> word ( div )  ></p>This website id dedicated to the history of the world of horse racing. It has searchable online databases on jockeys, owners, trainers, horses and breeders. So if you have ancestors connected with the sport of kings then this is the site for you. They also have a photographic archive so you never know you might find a picture of someone on your family tree!

Black Country History


Black Country History<p><!   Google Ads Injected by Adsense Explosion 1.1.5   ><div class=adsxpls id=adsxpls2 style=padding:20px; display: block; margin left: auto; margin right: auto; text align: center;><!   AdSense Plugin Explosion num: 1   ><script type=text/javascript><!  

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<script type=text/javascript src= ads.js></script></div></p>On this web site you will find the searchable online catalogue for the Black Country archive and museum services.

The website enables you to search simultaneously across all four Black Country record office catalogues to find information about records held by Dudley Archives and Local History Service, Dudley Archives and Local History Service, Sandwell Community History and Archives Service and Walsall Local History Centre, Wolverhampton Archives and Local Studies.

You can also search the catalogues of the regions arts and museums services to find objects and works of art held by Dudley Museums Service, Sandwell Museums Service, Walsall Museums Service and Wolverhampton  Arts and Museums Service.



Wolverhampton Archives have a new home


Wolverhampton Archives have a new homeThe Wolverhampton Archives is now settled into it’s new home in the Molineux Hotel Building. The website has sets of pages for family history and local history plus an online catalogue.


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Lambeth Palace Library


Lambeth Palace LibraryThe Lambeth Palace Library holds, amongst other archives, the Court of Arches records. Their is an excellent article by Stephen Wade on these records in the November 2009 issue of the Ancestors magazine.


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Learn online with TNA educational website


Learn online with TNA educational website

Want to learn more about history and genealogy ? Then go to The National Archives award winning website it offers lessons on everything from the history behind the Domesday Book to reading old handwriting. Also don’t forget their wonderful Podcasts.